#BreakingNews Possible Suicide of a Catholic Priest in India due to Social Media Post on Manipur - RIP Fr. Anil Francis

 A Catholic priest in India has possibly taken his own life.  Father Anil Francis,  age 40, was found hanging from a tree.  In a note,  the diocese of Sagar,  not speculating on the motive and offering full cooperation in the investigation,  said that he had been denounced for a post on social networks against violence in Manipur.  Asia News reported that was the director of a Catholic school in an Indian state at the centre of intimidation against Christians by Hindu fundamentalists for months. 

The priest was only 40 years old and the head of Saint Alphonsa Academy,  a primary school in the village of Garhakota.  He was found hanging from a tree on the outskirts of Sagar where he had gone the evening before for the monthly meeting of clergy.  

Spokesperson,  Father Sabu Puthenpurackal,  confirmed,  “The police - reads the statement - are investigating the case and the diocese is cooperating fully”. 

Father Puthenpurackal also adds that,  “Father Anil Francis was under tension and pressure due to a complaint filed against him over a post he had shared on social media about violence in Manipur. ”

The post in question was simply a protest against the lack of measures by the Indian government to stop the clashes which have continued for months in the north-eastern region and often see the local Christian minority as victims.  The image referred to the two women from Manipur who ended up at the center of a video that went viral in India. 

In the context of Madhya Pradesh - where the pressure from fundamentalists against Christians has been particularly harsh in recent times - someone felt the need to file a complaint against the priest. 

Furthermore,  there are also rumors of threats that he received as head of the school.  In Madhya Pradesh itself,  Catholic schools are the object of a harsh intimidation campaign,  which has even seen a threat of arrest for one of its bishops,  Monsignor Gerald Almeida,  of the diocese of Jabalpur. 

“We are extremely saddened by the death of Father Anil Francis,  who was known for his commitment to the works that had been entrusted to him and for his dedication to the values he preached, " concludes the note from Father Puthenpurackal. 

"We share the pain of Father's family.  Anil Francis and we extend our deepest condolences to them on this occasion.  We pray to the Almighty to give them the strength to overcome this heartbreaking moment they are experiencing. "



Artimisia Mendes said…
Why suicide, we need priests,nuns,leaders, good politicians to protect guide n save the world, every life is important just be brave to face challenges.problems, criticism etc. Life is precious there's no another You in this world, solve your problems with fly friends, authority in charge. The world needs u, your family n friends loves you. Give your best n leave the rest to God (prayer).