LISTEN to a Heavenly Baroque Motet "O dulcissimum Mariae nomen" or "O sweetest name of Mary"


LISTEN to a heavenly motet entitled: "O dulcissimum Mariae nomen", in English "O sweetest name of Mary." It is by Italian composer Giacomo Carissimi who lived in the 1600s. This ensemble is performed by Jennifer Ellis, Noémi Kiss, Igor Dadovics and György Vashegyi. Carissimi, who died in 1674, was an Italian composer and music teacher. He is one of the most celebrated masters of the early Baroque or, more accurately, the Roman School of music. See Lyrics below the Video:


Lyrics in Latin: O dulcissimum Mariae nomen, nomen vere sanctissimum, O nomen gratiae, semper cogitandum; O solatium animarum, nomen venerandum; O nomen caelicum, et vere angelicum, resonent ergo in ore omnium. O Maria, mater pia, nos defende in hac via; nos tuere, nos guberna, duc nos tecum ad superna.
Translation to English: O sweetest name of Mary, truly a name most holy O name of grace, always to be thought of; O consolation of souls, the name to be venerated; O heavenly name, and truly angelic, they resound therefore in the mouth of all. O Mary, pious mother, defend us in this way; we protect us, guide us, lead us to heaven with you.