Russia's Drone Attack on Ukraine Destroys 300 Tons of Aid Including from Pope Francis who Sent Cardinal Krajewski Back

Russia deploys a drone attack on the Caritas camp in Lviv, Ukraine which contained aid from the Vatican. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Service of Charity, has expressed his sorrow in response to a Russian missile attack on a Caritas Spes warehouse in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Tuesday night.

"They struck to destroy the possibility of helping suffering people."
Curial Cardinal Konrad Krajewski has been sent by Pope Francis on a renewed aid and solidarity mission to Ukraine. On September 20th he blessed a new home for women and children in Lviv - a day after Russian drones completely destroyed a donation warehouse run by the aid organization "Caritas-Spes" in the same city.
In recent months, Pope Francis has repeatedly sent goods to Ukraine for emergency relief, including power generators and food. Krajewski had already personally accompanied a number of aid transports and transferred them to the camp in Lviv, from where the humanitarian goods were then distributed to the most isolated areas. The attack on Tuesday night destroyed 300 tons of humanitarian aid supplies.

The United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine, Denise Brown, also strongly condemned the attack on the Caritas warehouses. Russia's attacks on humanitarian aid increased during the year, it said in a statement released on Tuesday; This would ultimately affect “those who suffer from the terrible effects of war”. The UN coordinator continued: "Humanitarian workers, objects and assets are protected by international humanitarian law. Direct attacks or attacks of an indiscriminate nature are strictly prohibited. International humanitarian law is not an option, it is an obligation and must be adhered to."

According to the governor of Lviv Oblast, Maksym Kozytskyi, the extinguishing work at the warehouse complex took almost twelve hours. 125 firefighters and 30 special vehicles were deployed.
Sources: Vatican News - UN