WATCH a Free Catholic Movie - Hildegard of Bingen - a Drama on the Life of the Famous Medieval Nun!

Hildegard of Bingen, of the Middle Ages—an Abbess and woman of God, a visionary, naturalist, playwright, political moralist, and composer. Born in 1098, she was gifted by religious visions from the age of eight-visions which she wrote down, painted, dramatized, and set to music. This substantial legacy of her visionary writings and songs are unique for their mystic power and beauty. 2 Versions of her life in movies below - the first in English and the second film in German (with French subtitles). In the 1st movie: Her visions were called into questions, and she was put on trial by the Church in 1148. This is the story of events leading up to that trial and of the trial itself. The setting is the monastery of St. Disibod on the Rhine in central Germany. Hildegard's befriending of a young persecuted girl and the care she shows for a dying crusader eventually lead her into conflict with her Abbot. She is placed under an interdict, which results in Hildegard and her nuns being forbidden from taking communion and singing the divine service. After enduring the punishment for some time, Hildegard protests, and it is her subsequent examination and trial by the Archbishop of Mainz around which the story revolves. This beautiful film features excerpts from Hildegard's own mystically powerful writing as well as her exquisite songs of prayer. Director: James Runcie Starring: Patricia Rutlige