Wow Miracle of the Liquefication of St. Januarius' Blood Happens Again at the Cathedral - VIDEO San Gennaro Napoli

The Holy Mass was live-streamed for Saint Januarius' feast day, September 19th, when the recurring miracle of the liquefaction of his blood usually occurs. (or Gennaro) The liquefaction occurred in the Cathedral at 10:02am, a long applause greeted the announcement of the Abbot Monsignor Vincenzo De Gregorio and the waving of the white handkerchiefs. In the crowded cathedral, with over 2000 people. Also present in the Cathedral were, among others, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, former archbishop of Naples, who was succeeded by Don Mimmo Battaglia, and Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, owner of the Associazione Calcio Savoia 1908, Real Agro Aversa and Portici. The Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti played in memory of Giovanbattista Cutolo, the 24-year-old horn musician, killed in Piazza Municipio on August 31st. In the nave, "Viva San Gennaro" continues to be shouted and the name of the patron saint of Naples is applauded. Archbishop of Naples Domenico Battaglia showed the ampoule to the faithful.

Last year, the Archbishop warned the people of the mafia culture and called them to a daily commitment of love. He said, "I am sure that he (Saint Januarius) too joins his voice to the voice of the little ones to ask for the miracle of solidarity, to implore from our hardened and indifferent hearts the prodigy of the common good, to invoke the liquefaction of those social clots made of unfulfilled promises, of commitments declared and not pursued, of gangrenous individualisms that struggle to create networks and communities, the only way to spread the good with both hands! People of Naples, what makes you miraculous is your ability to love, what can make you so even more is to draw from the source of love which is Christ himself"

The miracle usually occurs 3 times a year: on the Saint's Feast Day September 19th, the 1st Saturday in May and on December 16th which was the anniversary of the Volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1631. It is considered a bad omen if the blood does not liquify - which happened just before the pandemic.   At the end of the celebration, the ampoule with the relics of the Patron Saint of Naples and Campania was placed in the reliquary in the chapel dedicated to him.

The  liquefaction of the blood on the liturgical feast in honor of the Patron Saint of Naples and Campania, gives great hope to the people. The church of San Gennaro is a Unesco  heritage site.

Image Source: Screenshot from the Chiesi di Napoli Youtube Channel