#BreakingNews a Catholic Church in Barcelona Attacked by Abortion Activists

A parish in Barcelona,  Spain,  was vandalized after a women's rights demonstration.  The last stop of the march was the parish of Santa MarĂ­a del Remei,  where they arrived with banners and drums to read their manifesto in front of the doors of the church.  On September 28th, the sexual and reproductive rights association called a march in Barcelona to demonstrate on the day for the legalization of abortion. After their departure, they left a souvenir of their celebration hangers hanging from the windows of the temple, with messages such as "abusive priests prohibit abortion" or "Trash Church, 'you' are the dictatorship" and graffiti on the walls. One of the most common chants of these pro-abortion feminist groups is "our body, our decision", which some of the Barcelona protesters wanted to leave engraved on the walls of the temple.

The parish vicar, Pablo Pich, confirms that he does not yet know who the perpetrators of the events are, although he denies that legal action will be taken for the acts of vandalism. "We are not here to enter into those wars," he says, regretting not having "enough strength." Pro-abortion graffiti on the wall of the parish the abortions. The previous call by the pro-life organization was last February, in favor of which Pich published a video on social networks of him encouraging his followers to attend and pray. The priest's statements provoked a reaction from abortion defenders, who gathered in front of the Remei parish with pots and pans. Pich remembers that while some faithful and he himself prayed the rosary in front of the façade, they were rebuked with shouts of "removing your rosaries from our ovaries" and "free and free abortion.". The parish priest considers the abortion battle is "a religious issue, but in a bad sense." «It is a religion for them, and like any religion it involves worship and sacrifices. They need human sacrifices, it is demonic », he declares. In his opinion, that is why association campaigns like 40 Days for Life are so important, "to be able to pray for life and for the Lord to touch his heart."

Source: eldebate.com/