Pope Francis Prays at the Cemetery in Rome and Prays for Peace at Mass on All Souls Day - VIDEO

 The pope traveled to the War Cemetery in Rome, Upon his arrival, the Pope was welcomed by Vice Chairman Peter Hudson CBE, Area Director Geert Bekaert, Country Manager Italy Claudia Scimonelli and the Cemetery staff.
Along the way he placed white flowers on some graves and gathered in a moment of prayer.
At 10.00 am, on the day of commemoration of all the faithful departed, the Holy Father Francis presided over the Holy Mass in the Rome War Cemetery in Rome. During the Mass he prayed, "Today, thinking of the dead, cherishing the memory of the dead and cherishing hope, we ask the Lord for peace, so that people no longer kill each other in wars. " SEE the Full Mass and Homily: https://www.catholicnewsworld.com/2023/11/pope-francis-says-wars-are-always.html
At the end of the Eucharistic Celebration, Pope Francis made a brief stop in front of the ACCatholic Cemetery in Rome. So he returned to the Vatican.