#BreakingNews Shots Fired at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church - 2 Injured Including a Child and the Shooter was Killed

Shots were fired right before a Sunday Spanish language service, sending churchgoers running for cover. 2 people were shot including a child and a man (age 57). The police said:
One female, (approx. 30-35 in age), in a trench coat, carrying a rifle with something strapped to her chest was shot and killed. The suspect declared that she had explosives; but after the police investigated nothing was found. Multiple deputies are on scene. A 5-year-old male child (who came into the location with the suspect) and a 57 year old male bystander were injured and are both at the Hospital. A duffle bag was found near the East entrance. SWAT is on scene. 
A witness stated that she heard shots right before the service. It is reported that the female shooter was killed by a Deputy Sheriff. Lakewood Church officials posted, "There is an active situation involving shots fired at Lakewood. Law enforcement is on the scene. That is all the information we have at this time. Please pray for Lakewood and our community." Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated that "info remains preliminary, as things remain dynamic." There is massive law enforcement presence around the church. Lakewood Church is a non-denominational evangelical Christian megachurch located in Houston, Texas. It averages about 45,000 attendees per week. It's capacity: 16,800.