Inspiring Father Leo Ramsperger Celebrates his 100th Birthday and Nearly 70 Years as a Priest!


FATHER LEO RAMSPERGER Turns 100! The oldest priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto now....

The inspiring Father Leo Ramsperger celebrates his 100th birthday and nearly 70 years as a priest. He was born on February 25th, 1924 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Leo was baptised at Saint Vincent de Paul Church and attended its elementary School.
His parents were Arthur, of German Bavarian descent, and his mother Christina, from Scotland. Father Leo's mother was a convert from Presbyterian. The Ramspergers had 14 children and Leo was the 5th child.
Before becoming a priest he worked 3 years in the air force and also worked at National Steel Cars. A late vocation, he studied at Saint Augustine’s Seminary, for 7 years. Father Leo attended seminary with Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic, who became Archbishop of Toronto, and the two used to cliff climb together. Father Leo was ordained in Saint Michael's Cathedral, in 1954, and retired from the archdiocese, in 1997.

During his time in the archdiocese became an Associate Pastor for 8 parishes, over 15 years.
Afterward, he became a full-time Pastor for 28 years, in 4 parishes:
Holy martyrs of Japan, in Bradford, Ontario, Saint Paul’s Basilica, Toronto, Saint John’s in Albion, and Saint Cornelius, in Caledon.
One of his favorite sayings is: "It is wonderful if God always gives us a happy heart. "
For many years Father Leo lived in a house he purchased in the small town of Maynooth, Ontario. Even though he became legally blind, with very poor vision, he still held daily Mass in his private chapel. Many families from around the area would frequent his tiny chapel. Following each Mass Father Leo would make breakfast for the people attending. He is a great inspiration to so many of us! Father Leo's perseverance in continuing priestly duties when age and declining eyesight made it so difficult, will always stand out as an example of excellence. Former parishioners of his tiny home chapel have so many good memories.... from his stray cats and batches of kittens, to his geese and trout, to his beautiful flowers and garden, and of course coffee and toast after Mass... They will forever recall those days with great happiness! Most of all he bestowed graces upon his parish family, and the entire world, as he taught us that the Mass is the greatest prayer, and that its power extends throughout the whole world. Fr. Leo now lives in a retirement home for clergy in Toronto.
St. Augustine Seminary circa 1951
 Graduating Class of St. Augustine's 1954
 Father's former private Chapel