Top Catholic Universities that are Online Offering Both Undergraduate and Graduate Accredited Degrees with a High Caliber of Faithful Teaching!

These universities/colleges have been chosen from an examination of numerous Catholic guides of Catholic higher education. Due to their asynchronous formats, they mostly accept students throughout the year; so enroll today! They are accredited universities that offer full programs online in Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. These Colleges and Universities are in no particular order since they serve different needs, talents and gifts.
St. Pope John Paul II's encyclical on Education states:  

In the world today, characterized by such rapid developments in science and technology, the tasks of a Catholic University assume an ever greater importance and urgency. Scientific and technological discoveries create an enormous economic and industrial growth, but they also inescapably require the correspondingly necessary search for meaning in order to guarantee that the new discoveries be used for the authentic good of individuals and of human society as a whole. If it is the responsibility of every University to search for such meaning, a Catholic University is called in a particular way to respond to this need: its Christian inspiration enables it to include the moral, spiritual and religious dimension in its research, and to evaluate the attainments of science and technology in the perspective of the totality of the human person. (Ex Corde Ecclesiae)

1. Pontifex University 
Pontifex University is a Roman Catholic university, loyal to the Magisterium, and grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition. They offer affordable, high-quality educational programs for credit or for personal enrichment combining online programs with optional in-residence programs, seminars, and workshops. All Pontifex University educational programs are designed to be in accord with this supernatural aim, namely, the transformation of the person so that all they do might be directed to the common good and in accord with the Will of God.

Pontifex University is an authentic Roman Catholic institution formed in 2015, operated by Holy Spirit College Inc., and overseen by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees that governs the Solidarity Association of the Christian Faithful, a public juridical body established by decree pursuant to Cann. 298-329. In its governance of Pontifex, the Association is supported by a distinguished Academic Advisory Board.
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PROGRAMS: Pontifex offers both in-person and online programs: 
Master of Sacred Arts; 
 Master of Theological Studies with online or in-person options, 
Master of Theology, 
 Master of Sacred Arts in the Theology of the Body and the New Evangelization;
 Master of Religious Education
 Doctorate in Theology
Pontifex teaches both online and campus-based courses and programs.
In 2019 Pontifex University formally merged with Holy Spirit College, a campus based Catholic liberal arts college which is at 4465 Northside Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30327. As a result, Pontifex University became a single entity comprising two constituent colleges, Pontifex College and Holy Spirit College.

Holy Spirit College was founded in 2005 as an independent, authentic Catholic liberal arts college. In 2011, Archbishop Wilton Gregory of the Archdiocese of Atlanta recognized Holy Spirit College as an official Catholic College. The College awarded its first MTh degree in the spring of 2015. With the merger between Holy Spirit College and Pontifex into Pontifex University, Holy Spirit College surrendered it’s GNPEC degree granting status to operate under the existing religious institution status enjoyed by Pontifex.
2. Catholic Distance University (online)

Catholic Distance University offers an associate’s degree in liberal arts and an undergraduate degree completion program in theology, with faithfully Catholic courses entirely online.

High school graduates can start with CDU’s associate’s degree in the liberal arts with a concentration in Catholic studies, then apply those 60 credits toward CDU’s degree completion program or a degree at partner colleges.
Master of Arts (Theology)
Master of Arts (Theology) with a Concentration in Catholic Social Teaching
Master of Arts in Theology and Educational Ministry
Graduate Certificate in Catholic Social Teaching
Graduate Certificate in Church History
Graduate Certificate in Sacred Scripture
Bachelor of Arts in Theology Program
Undergraduate Catechetical Coordinator Certificate
Catechetical Diploma
The president of CDU and all Catholic faculty make the Profession of Faith upon hiring, and all theology professors have the mandatum. Every professor is Catholic, as are 95 percent of undergraduates.
Online courses are asynchronous, so that students can watch the recordings at their own convenience. Since the University is all online without the campus formation at other Newman Guide colleges, Catholic families should plan for local options to receive the Sacraments, form Catholic friendships, and engage in wholesome activities.

3. Holy Apostles College and Seminary (non-residential, online)

Holy Apostles College and Seminary with both seminarians and consecrated and lay students from around the world for both religious formation and undergraduate and graduate studies. Sponsored by the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles (MSA), lay undergraduates have access to a faithfully Catholic, fully online program as well as a non-residential campus program in Cromwell, Connecticut.
Programs: Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Degree Programs MA in Pastoral Studies Concentrations, MA in Philosophy, MA in Theology* Concentrations,  Dogmatic Theology General Studies Moral Theology Sacred Scripture , Master Degree Master of Sacred Scripture Professional Degrees Master of Divinity in the New Evangelization
Their liberal arts core curriculum includes six theology courses and six philosophy courses for all majors in the liberal arts, theology, philosophy, sacred art, history, and English. Associate’s degrees are also available in theology and liberal arts. All faculty are Catholic, the president and all Catholic faculty make the Profession of Faith, and all theologians have a mandatum from the local bishop. A large majority of undergraduates are Catholic. (Newman Guide Excerpt)
Identity - Holy Apostles College and Seminary (HACS) is inspired and guided by the missionary charism of its sponsor, the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles (MSA), as well as by the founder and co-founder of the MSA, Fr. Eusebe Menard O.F.M. and Mr. Hector Durand.
Vision - The Apostles, their central focus on Jesus Christ, and their evangelical outlook inform and shape the vision of HACS: “Cultivating Catholic Leaders for the Purpose of Evangelization”.

Holy Apostles College and Seminary forms and educates its students—laity, seminarians, clergy, and religious—as missionary disciples, servant leaders, and “co-workers in the vineyard.”[1]
Values - 
The fundamental values underpinning educational formation at Holy Apostles are:
-Christocentric teaching
-Catholic Orthodoxy by fidelity to the Magisterium
-Educational rigor and challenge
-Respect for the inherent dignity of all persons
Holistic formation of students corresponding to the head, heart, and hands in
1.Truth, 2. Love, 3. Goodness, 4. Beauty

4. Divine Mercy University
An International Center for the Scientific Study of Psychology with a Catholic Understanding

Divine Mercy University (DMU) is a Catholic graduate school of psychology and counseling, founded in 1999 as the Institute for the Psychological Sciences. 
 The University is dedicated to the scientific study of psychology with a Catholic understanding of the person, marriage and the family. The University offers a Doctoral (Psy.D.) degree in Clinical Psychology, a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Psychology and a Master of Science (M.S.) in Counseling.
The Divine Mercy University is governed by its Board of Directors, which has complete and final governing authority over the University. The Board consists of the Bishop Emeritus of Arlington, Virginia, seven lay Catholic leaders and three members of the Legionaries of Christ. The Legion sponsors the University by providing a President and a Chaplain and helping to maintain the Catholic identity of the institution.

Divine Mercy University’s vision is to be an international center for scholarship and professional education dedicated to the study of the mind and soul grounded in an integral Catholic-Christian view of the human person. Maintaining the highest academic standards, the institution will educate new generations of professionals in psychology-related fields and open new areas of scholarship for theories that explore the relationship of the human psyche and Catholic-Christian theological, philosophical and anthropological principles.

Divine Mercy University is an institution of higher education offering graduate degrees, continuing education and certificate programs globally. It is affiliated with the Legionaries of Christ. The University is dedicated to the renewal of the Catholic-Christian intellectual tradition and the integration of the theoretical and empirical bases of psychology, professional counseling and related fields, with a Catholic-Christian view of the human person through teaching and learning both knowledge and critical skills.

The University provides students an appropriate academic and educational environment that supports the integration of science, scholarship and a Catholic-Christian understanding of the person through a rigorous, critical and objective search for truth. It assists students intellectually, humanly and professionally as they prepare themselves to respond to their vocation as mental health professionals or as men and women in helping professions. The University’s mission also involves dialogue about its integrative approach with practitioners, scholars and cultural leaders, nationally and internationally.
Statement of Identity

Divine Mercy University (DMU) is a Catholic institution formed to train leaders in the field of psychology. According to its mission statement, “the University is dedicated to the renewal of the Catholic-Christian intellectual tradition and the integration of the theoretical and empirical bases of psychology and a Catholic view of the human person.”

The life of the University is rooted in and fully informed by the teaching of the Catholic Church. This vision involves every aspect of life at the University, including the training model, education in the classroom and the clinic, intellectual and scholarly pursuits, and our common life as an academic community. The identity of the University finds its primary source in the word of God, which is expressed in the whole Tradition of the Catholic Church (Scripture and Magisterium) (Dei Verbum [The Word of God, Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation of the Second Vatican Council], DV, sec. 7-10).
Sources: Excerpts from the individual university webpages linked at bottom of each entry + some excerpts from the Newman Guide.