World Congress of Families (WCF) 2024 to Take Place in Mexico

The World Congress of Families will take place from March 1 to 3, 2024, in Mexico. The CIFAM World Congress of Families, is a congress that seeks to change the world, family by family, to accompany couples and parents, and to promote conditions at home that favor the flourishing of all. The World Congress of Families (WCF) is an international, interfaith public event that seeks to unite and equip leaders, organizations and families to affirm, celebrate and strengthen the family as the fundamental and key natural environment for the flourishing of mature individuals and sustainable societies.


Among the many speakers at the Congress here are some notable ones:

Brian Brown
President of the International Organization for the Family (IoF) and the World Congress of Families.​

Emmo. Mr. Cardinal D. José Francisco Robles ​
Archbishop of Guadalajara.

Dr. Catherine L'Ecuyer
Doctor in Education and Psychology,
 researcher and author of 
several books on the subject of education.

Father José Pedro Manglano Priest, doctor in philosophy and anthropology, theologian and author of nearly twenty titles. Founder of Hakuna.

Hakuna Group Music
Hakuna Group Music is a 21st century music group.

Dr. Oscar Rivas
Director of Newman Institute.

Father Adolfo Güemez
Specialist in marriage formation.

Dr. Sonia Ortega
Philosopher and Theologian from the San Dámaso Ecclesiastical University of Madrid.
Fr. Guillermo Serra, LCTrainer on spirituality and marriage issues.

BE Mons. Alfonso Miranda Guardiola
Responsible for the Episcopal Family Dimension of the CEM (DIFAM).

Dr Christopher West
Founder of the TOB Institute (Theology of the Body).
From their Website: The family is our natural habitat, the first community of life, a meeting space, a source of security, identity and purpose. It develops and humanizes us like no other institution.
But it is no stranger to conflict and suffering. A countless number of challenges and desires, internal and external circumstances, test its members every day, for which we are normally not sufficiently prepared.
There are no perfect families; There are more or less functional ones.
The particular structure and dynamics of each family will foster the climate conditions that will favor, to a greater or lesser extent, the flourishing of its members, based on the capabilities and virtues of each one, in relation to the others.
In this way, a unique network of links is formed whose properties will define its way of welcoming, supporting, and encouraging its members, which may be capable of leading them to a good and full life as well as offering an irreplaceable social contribution.
“In the family the beauty of life is discovered and the hope for a better world is founded.”