Wow Kansas City Chiefs’ Harrison Butker Broke a Super Bowl Record at their Winning Game and Loves the Eucharist!


Kansas City Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker broke a Super Bowl record with a 57-yard field goal! This helped the team to their 25-22 win over the San Francisco 49ers for the Super Bowl LVIII. During college he re-verted back to the Catholic faith through the influence of a friend.  Butker, then joined the Knights of Columbus while a student-athlete at Georgia Tech, and delivered the keynote address at the K of C College Councils Conference. Harrison Butker, is very open on social media and in public about his love of the Church—particularly for Sacred Liturgy.   Harrison Butker once said, “The summit of our faith is the Eucharist. That’s what makes us Catholic. You become Catholic because you believe in the Real Presence. A priest who celebrates the liturgy well believes what he is doing.” He also noted that the sacrament of reconciliation or Confession heled bring him back to the Church. Butker with his wife Isabelle has two children, with St. Mary’s as their parish.

VIDEOS below:  The second shorter video below is Butker telling how his friend brought him back to the faith.
The first video below is an interview with Butker by Benedictine College and explained the importance of his Catholic Faith :

Butker hopes to continue to promote the Sacred Liturgy in the Kansas City area, but as a new father,  “You can witness through your life, but you also need to witness through catechesis, which comes through education,” he said. “And, as the father of the family it’s my responsibility to pass on the truths of the faith to my children.”
Sources: Knights of Columbus and Video Linked above