#BreakingNews a Catholic Priest is Shot and Seriously Injured during Holy Mass by Armed Gunman Entering the Church

In Myanmar, two unidentified gunmen shot a Catholic priest as he celebrated Mass at St Patrick's Church in Moe Nyin, Diocese of Myitkyina, Kachin State.
Father Paul Khwi Shane Aung, age 40, is currently in the local hospital, undergoing emergency surgery for his serious injuries.
Myanmar has been undergoing a violent civil conflict more than three years ago following a military coup, which Pope Francis mentioned in his on Wednesday.

In several regions of the country, chaos and violence are a daily occurrence, affecting civilians and members of religious minorities.
The shooting took place around 6 am, local time.
Two, black-clad, masked men arrived on a motorbike. Once inside the church, they fired at least five shots, local sources say. Let’s say a special prayer
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An unknown armed group attacked the Catholic School Priest (Fr. Paul Kwin Shane Aung) while offering the Mass. It is known that the priest is currently receiving emergency treatment with serious injuries.
At the Schooling Church, two young masked gunmen shot at St. Patrick's Church on Friday 12/4/2024 at (6:00) AM.
It is known that a total of (5) shots were fired; in the church. The priest was shot three times, once in the right frame, once in his right arm and once in the lip. He is currently undergoing emergency treatment with serious injuries.
Father Paul Khin Shin Aung (Kwi Shin Om) is a Chin ethnicity and is around 40 years old...
Let's pray for the speedy recovery of the priest.

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