Vatican's Dicastery Announces New Governance for the Arlington Carmelite Nuns who Feuded with Bishop Olson of Fort Worth, Texas

 A Carmelite nun, Mother Teresa Agnes Gerlach, the 43-year-old former prioress, sued her bishop for $1 Million for defamation and was ultimately dismissed due to online violations of her vow of chastity (to which she admitted on tape). The Carmelite monastery of which she was the superior is now under the governance of  the Association of Christ the King. (updated)
The Vatican's  Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Aposlolic Life issued a decree signed by two religious sisters regarding the new governance. Also, Bishop Michael Olson, of Fort Worth, issued a statement explaining the new situation:
April 18, 2024
With my counsel and full support, the Association of Christ the King in the United States of America, the association of Carmelite monasteries to which the Arlington Carmel belongs, recently petitioned the Holy See to be entrusted with direct oversight and direct responsibility for governance of the Arlington Carmel. The petition was made to help restore the Arlington Carmel to good health and unity with the local and universal Church, and to provide effective leadership and needed assistance to the nuns from within the Carmelite Order. I am pleased to announce that the Association’s petition has been granted by the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. In light of this decision, I consider my task and responsibility as Pontifical Commissary of the Arlington Carmel to have ended.

With this decree of entrustment, effective today, April 18, 2024, Mother Marie of the Incarnation, O.C.D., President of the Association of Christ the King, is recognized as the lawful superior of the Arlington Carmel. Together with her council, Mother Marie of the Incarnation is to exercise full governance over the Arlington Carmel and its nuns.
Mother Marie of the Incarnation has leadership experience, having served as Prioress as well as Novice Mistress entrusted with the care and formation of young novices progressing toward final vows. I will work closely with her, providing counsel, resources, and support as needed. As is my responsibility as the local bishop of the nuns under canon law and the Rule and Constitutions of the Carmelite Order, I will oversee at the appropriate time the election of new leadership of the Arlington Carmel given the expiry on January 8, 2024, of Mother Teresa Agnes’ term as Prioress, as well as the terms of the offices of subprioress and councillors.
I am very grateful to the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life for entrusting governance and oversight of the Arlington Carmel to Mother Marie of the Incarnation. I am also grateful for the generosity of Mother Marie of the Incarnation and her council in accepting this important mission. These decisions will ensure that all the nuns within the monastery can be heard, rightly cared for, and nurtured in their religious life with proper ecclesiastical governance.
 It is my prayer that the Arlington Carmel will now have the internal leadership needed to save the monastery and enable it to flourish once again, in unity with the Catholic Church. It is also my hope that Mother Teresa Agnes and the rest of the Community will accept the authority and leadership of Mother Marie of the Incarnation and do what is required to live as healthy and faithful members of the Carmelite Order in accordance with their religious vows.
I ask the faithful of the Diocese of Fort Worth and all people of good will to continue to pray with me for the Catholic Church in North Texas, in particular the Arlington Carmelites, as we persevere together in service to Christ through ministry to our community.
+Michael F. Olson Bishop of Fort Worth 
The Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Aposlolic Life is
responsible for everything which concerns institutes of consecrated life(Orders and Religious Congregations of both men and women,Secular Institutes and Societies of Apostolic Life)regarding their government,discipline,studies,goods,rights and privileges.
Knowing the situation of the Monastery of "The Most Holy Trinity"of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns at Arlington,Texas,Diocese of Fort Worth,U.S.A.,this Dicastery for
Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life,with this Decree ENTRUSTS,
ad nutum Sanctae Sedis,to the President and Council of the Carmelite Association of Christ the King in the United States of America of the observance of the Constitutions of
1990,the Government of the Arlington Carmelite Monastery according to the Apostolic
Constitution,Vultum Dei Quaerere,Art.8§3,and the Instruction Cor Orans on Women's
Contemplative Life (nn.13,54-64).
All things to the contrary notwithstanding.
Vatican City,April 18,2024.
Sr.Carmen Ros Nortes,N.S.C
Sr.Simona Brambilla,M.C.
Vatican City, April 18,2024
Your Excellency:
Acknowledging that the events of the past year have caused you and the faithful of the Diocese of Fort Worth hardship and unwarranted public attention,this Dicastery writes to you now to thank you for your heroic and thankless service to the local church and the Carmel of Arlington as Pontifical commissary. We are fully aware that the health and longevity of the Monastic community was always your goal,throughout the ordeals of the last year.Be assured that the welfare of the Carmel is also of utmost concern to this Dicastery.Thus,this Dicastery will now intervene to address the absence of governance of the monastery due to both the behavior of the former prioress,the expiration of her office as prioress on January 8,2024,and the nuns of Carmel's unlawful choice last August 18,2023 to remove themselves from your lawful vigilance as their Ordinary.Specifically,this Dicastery has determined to entrust (cf. Vultum Dei Quaerere,Art.8.3.)the governance of the Arlington Carmel to the Mother Marie of the Incarnation,President of the Association of Christ the King and her council (see attached decree and documentation).The entrustment takes effect on April 18,2024. With prayerful best wishes,I am Sincerely yours in Christ,