Wow LISTEN to the #1 Group of Singing Poor Clare Nuns New Release "My Peace I Give You" after Reaching Over 60 Million Streams!


After reaching #1 in 2020, the Poor Clares of Arundel new release for 2024. The song, “My Peace I Give You,” is a touching hymn sung by faithful singers.
Accompanying the nuns are church bells and an orchestral arrangement, with only 9 singers!

The Poor Clares explain that it was recorded due to hundreds of fan letters requesting for more music. The Poor Clares in their first album, For the Light of the World, in 2020, reached #1 in the charts. It became one of the best selling musical releases from a group of nuns; becoming #1 on both the Official Classical Artist Albums Chart and the Official Specialist Classical Chart.

The Poor Clares began recording sacred music in order to comfort to the isolated during the pandemic.

The Poor Clare's debut album achieved 60 million streams, a Top 5 UK Album Chart position, topped Apple & Amazon charts internationally and stayed at the top of the UK specialist chart for 19 weeks. Now they release their second Album, My Peace I Give You.
WATCH the Video Below as they explain why they produced the New Single: