Happy Birthday Sister Inah! Oldest Nun in the World Celebrates her 116th Birthday and She Reveals her Secret to Long Life! VIDEO

Sister Inah Canabarro Lucas, the oldest nun in the world, turned 116 on May 27, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. secrets to her long life is to pray. "I pray the Holy Trinity every day for all the people of the whole world."
The nun now lives in Porto Alegre (RS), in the Welcome House Santo Enrique de Ossó next to the Provincial House of the Teresian Sisters of Brazil, the religious order to which she was received at 19 years old, in 1927.

Normally, Sister Inah's birthdays include the community, family, and friends; however, due to the rains that effected Rio Grande do Sul State, the party was smaller.
According to her nephew, Cleber Canabarro Lucas,, Sister Inah "has difficulty locomotion, very little hearing and vision, speaks with difficulty, but lives facing life always with optimism and good humor."
"Today at 116 years of age she no longer has the same health conditions, but her life goes on with God's guidance!!! God bless her," he added.
Sister Inah is also the oldest person in Brazil and Latin America, according to the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), and the 3rd oldest person in the world.
Credit : Theresian Sisters
Source: Archdiocese of Porto Algre Facebook Page


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Wishing you a blessed 116th Birthday, dear Sister Inah!

May you enjoy many more to come...

May I ask if you would consider speaking with me via WhatsApp, I am very eager to learn more about your vocation and what advice you can offer me, please?

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