#BreakingNews Pope Francis to Meet 100 Comedians for Peace - Including Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Conan O'Brian, Chris Rock, and More! - LIST

Pope Francis is scheduled to meet with a group of 100 comedians from around the world at the Vatican on June 14th. The meeting includes prominent figures such as Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jim Gaffigan, Whoopi Goldberg, James Martin, Tig Notaro, Chris Rock, and Conan O’Brien. Also, Father Ted star Ardal O’Hanlon, Late Late Show host Patrick Kielty, and Tommy Tiernan will be present. The event hopes to celebrate the beauty of human diversity by promoting a message of peace, love, and solidarity.
The Vatican released that Pope Francis will meet with famous comedians at a Vatican audience, jointly organized by the Dicastery for Culture and Education and Dicastery for Communication, with more than 100 entertainers which will take place in the Apostolic Palace at 8:30 a.m., and is intended to "establish a link" between the Catholic Church and such artists, the press release noted.
The note explained that the meeting, aims to "celebrate the beauty of human diversity," "promote a message of peace, love and solidarity," and "promises to be a moment meaningful intercultural dialogue and sharing of joy and hope."
Entertainers from other countries around the world, including from the UK and Ireland, with the largest group, fully two-thirds of the participants, being from Italy.
The statement recalled Pope Francis' mentioned in an interview with Italian TV channel TV2000, that, daily, he prays the words of St. Thomas More that ask the Lord to grant him a sense of humor.
The Holy Father has acknowledged the power the art of comedy has to contribute to a more empathetic and sympathetic world.
The FULL LIST provided by the Holy See Press Office can be consulted below.
ARGENTINA - 1. Malena Guinzburg
BRAZIL - 1. Fabio Porchat 2. Cristiane Werson
COLOMBIA - 1. Paula Arcila 2. Liss Pereira 3. Maribel Trujillo Botello
FRANCE - 1. Redouane Bougheraba 2. François Cluzet 3. Manu Payet
GERMANY - 1. Meltem Kaptan 2. Annette Frier 3. Michael Mittermeier
4. Till Reiners 5. Torsten Sträter
IRELAND - 1. Ardal O’Hanlon 2. Tommy Tiernan 3. Patrick Kielty
ITALY - 1. Max Angioni 2. Lino Banfi 3. Federico Basso 4. Stefano Belisari [Elio] 5. Alessandro Bergonzoni 6. Don Giovanni Berti [Gioba] 7. Enrico Bertolino 8. Enrico Beruschi 9. Alessandro Besentini 10. Alessandro Betti 11. Luca Bizzarri 12. Massimo Boldi 13. Luca Bonafé 14. Enrico Brignano 15. Jerry Calà 16. Roberta Calcagno Baldini 17. Gabriele Cirilli 18. Raul Cremona 19. Geppi Cucciari 20. Pio D’Antino 21. Gianluca De Angelis 22. Cristian De Sica 23. Maria Di Biase 24. Pierfrancesco Diliberto 25. Emanuela Fanelli 26. Alberto Ferrari 27. Maurizio Ferrini 28. Nino Frassica 29. Andrea Fratellini 30. Giuseppe Giacobazzi 31. Gene Gnocchi 32. Valeria Graci 33. Amedeo Grieco 34. Caterina Guzzanti 35. Paolo Kessisoglu 36. Paolo Labati 37. Maurizio Lastrico 38. Roberto Lipari 39. Luciana Littizzetto 40. Brenda Lodigiani 41. Valerio Lundini 42. Andy Luotto 43. Leonardo Manera 44. Marco Marzocca 45. Paolo Migone 46. Elia Morra [Elianto] 47. Corrado Nuzzo 48. Silvio Orlando 49. Antonio Ornano 50. Enzo Paci 51. Mauro Pallotta [Maupal] 52. Davide Paniate 53. Cochi Ponzoni 54. Giacomo Poretti 55. Saverio Raimondo 56. Luca Ravenna 57. Riccardo Rossi 58. Mary Sarnataro 59. Giovanni Scifoni 60. Mario Simonotti 61. Giovanni Storti 62. Carlo Verdone 63. Giovanni Vernia 64. Francesco Villa 65. Michele Foresta 66. Giorgio Panariello 67. Michele La Ginestra
MEXICO - 1. Florinda Meza García 2. Chumel Torres
POLAND - 1. Dorota Łoskot-Cichocka
PORTUGAL - 1. Ricardo de Araujo Pereira 2. Joana Marques 3. Maria Rueff
UNITED KINGDOM - 1. Ian Hislop 2. Stephen Merchant
SPAIN - 1. Cristina Castaño 2. Belen Cuesta Llamas 3. Sara Escudero Rodriguez
4. Victoria Martin
UNITED STATES -1. Stephen Colbert 2. Jimmy Fallon 3. Jim Gaffigan 4. Whoopi Goldberg
5. James Martin 6. Tig Notaro 7. Chris Rock 8. Conan O’ Brien
SWITZERLAND- 1. Hazel Brugger
TIMOR LESTE - 1. Rivelino Barro Gonçalves