Thursday, October 21, 2010


CBN REPORT: An 8-year-old in Kansas is taking the fight against hunger into her own hands.
With nothing more than her pigtails and red wagon, little Peighton Jones is collecting cans from her community for needy families in Topeka.
"My goal this year is 750," she said. "Next year it's probably going to be 1,050."
Peighton got the idea after seeing a mother and daughter who couldn't afford to pay for their items at checkout.
"When she saw somebody struggling at the store that night, I knew it made an impression on her," Peighton's father, Josh Jones, recalled.
"I think that Peighton is proving to be a great role model for all the children in our neighborhood, and helping all of us to remember that there are people that are less fortunate than us," said neighbor Lacie Worcester. "It makes you feel very good because you're knowing that you're going to help somebody."
More than 150 homes donated food in less than six hours. Peghton plans to visit 70 more neighbors this week.
She said she wants to show kids that it doesn't take a "grown up" to make a difference.

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