Monday, October 11, 2010


Cath News report: A larger-than-life bronze sculpture of Mary MacKillop and two young children by an internationally-acclaimed Melbourne sculptor has been installed on the exterior of St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.
The three figure sculpture by Louis Laumen stands on a large granite plinth beside the steps leading to the entrance of the Cathedral's western transept on College Street.
It was lowered into place using a crane and the expertise of engineers and experts from the foundry where the artwork was cast, said a media release.
Mr Laumen, who flew up from Melbourne to oversee the operation, said it was a nerve-wracking time. "You can't relax until the work is finally 'in' as there is really only one chance to get it right and you always worry something might go wrong," he said.
The sculpture was officially unveiled and blessed by Sydney's Cardinal George Pell on Sunday.
The sculpture of Mary MacKillop and her two young pupils, is the second bronze of Mary MacKillop by the Melbourne-based sculptor to join St Mary's Cathedral's acclaimed collection of artworks.
Earlier this year a limited edition Laumen bronze bust of Mary MacKillop was purchased by the Cathedral and has its own niche beside St Joseph's Chapel inside the Cathedral.

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