Sunday, November 28, 2010


ALL AFRICA REPORT: The Archbishop of Kampala diocese, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, has cautioned Ugandans who are to participate in the forthcoming general elections against succumbing to politicians' lies.

"How many times do we hear politicians promising us heaven and earth and failing to fulfil their promises? Do not be deceived. Vote for only people who will steer development in our country."

Lwanga further cautioned Ugandans against turning sex into a recreation instead of having it for procreation. "Each organ on the human body was made for a purpose. You cannot use your nose to eat food. Likewise, sexuality was made for a certain purpose, not for recreation."

Lwanga, who had just arrived from Italy, was addressing a press conference at which a five-year advocacy campaign against domestic violence was launched, in partnership between the Irish government and the Catholic church.

Journalists who attended the press conference at his residence in Rubaga sought his reaction to recent remarks by Pope Benedict XVI, who accepted the use of condoms in certain circumstances.

Journalists also sought his thoughts on the heated political campaigns, which fuel domestic violence over political differences in homes.

Lwanga said, "The Catholic church in Uganda is waiting for an official communication from the Vatican on the Pope's alleged remarks. We cannot depend on media reports. But what I understood from what I read was that the Pope was saying that sexuality is for a purpose, not for recreation, as most people currently take it to be."

He regretted that often politicians buy their votes with cheap items like soap, sugar and salt.

"Good leaders do not lie. Do not risk your votes on liars," the Archbishop said.

He urged Ugandans to understand politics and negotiate it objectively to create peace and harmony. Lwanga noted that most African states misunderstand politics to mean creating enmity with people of divergent views, yet politics should be used to forge unity and development.

Lwanga said lack of transparency among couples was one of the major causes of domestic violence: "How many husbands are open to their wives on how much money they get and where it is kept and how it is spent? This applies to women too. How many women do not want to know their husbands' income?"

He amused journalists when he said that he had met a couple in Italy that told him that they have a joint account for all their income and they agree on how the money is to be spent.


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