Saturday, June 25, 2011


ROME REPORTS REPORT: It's official. World Youth Day has picked its winning tunes. After listening to dozens of songs for the “Tuned into Madrid,” competition, the jury has selected seven songs among a pool of 25. But, the selection committee didn't agree with the public's taste. Only two of the seven winning songs, were among the voter's favorites.

The jury went for an international feel in its selection.

Many say this song definitely deserves praise. It's sung by Darryll Wilson from Nepal and it's titled “We've been made one.” It got 3, 899 votes, but it was number 25 among voter's choice.

Another winner is called “Elevando mi canción,” or “Raising my song.” It's from a Colombian group named “Jóvenes Misioneros del Santo Padre.” It had almost 15,000 votes and it ranked fourth in the voter's choice category.

The judges also liked the song called “Joy” from the French Community of Emmanuel. It's arguably the most animated song in the contest, but it wasn't too popular with voters. When it came to the public's choice, it ranked 17th.

The selection jury also chose a song by Italian singers Andrea Daconte, Alessandro Grasso and Antonio Minervini. It's called "Radicati in te.” But in the overall standings it was number six.

The only Spanish winner is entitled “Síguele” or “Follow Him.” The tune is actually sung by nuns of the group “Orden y Mandato de San Miguel.”

The catchy melody attracted 95,000 votes and also the number one spot among voter's choice.

The song that got the most visits on the web, is “Faith in You,” by British singer Cherrie Anderson. With more than 400,500 votes, the singer was also recognized for popularity.

And finally Colombian singer, Leonardo Jáuregui has been honored as the best voice of the contest for his song “ Venimos,” or “We Come.” The singer's voice is without a doubt, something to talk about.

Each winner will receive free registration for WYD. But most importantly, their songs will more than likely be played during some of the events of World Youth Day Madrid 2011.

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