Saturday, June 25, 2011


RADIO VATICANA REPORT: On September 15th, 1970, Pope Paul VI abolished the Palatine Guard, which had been a military unit of the Papal States, and had continued on as ceremonial unit after the fall of Rome. In its place, he established the Saints Peter and Paul Association, which still performs many tasks around St. Peter’s, including offering support for pilgrims and assisting at Papal liturgies.

More importantly, the Association gives time and financial assistance to various charities around Rome, including the Missionaries of Charity apostolate at the Vatican.

During his speech to the Association as it marks its 40th anniversary, Pope Benedict XVI spoke to them about their spiritual formation.

He said their work requires a profound inspiration, which is constantly renewed “thanks to an intense spiritual life.”

The Pope said “to offer assistance with true Christian charity, we must have humility in our souls and a vision of faith.”

Pope Benedict XVI commended the members of the Association of Sts. Peter and Paul for remaining active in their parishes. He said all ecclesial associations “must first see to the formation of their members, never as a substitute or alternative to their parishes, but in tandem with them.”

During their meeting, members of the Association gave the Pope a chasuble to mark his 60th anniversary of ordination, which the Holy Father will be marking on Wednesday.

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