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STIFTHEILIGENKREUZ REPORT; Hello, read this, then maybe you also want to come to the Youth Vigil for Holy Cross! It's always on the first Friday of every month. You will not be alone: ​​There are so teenagers 150-200. But the thing is steep: an evening of intense prayer, the monks make. Yes, in Holy Cross are in fact real monks! And are pleased with the young people who flock together ever since.

Youth Vigil is every 1st Friday of the month.
Start is at 20.15 clock, at the end: 21.45 clock,
then is still agape with Open End ...

7th January
4th February
4 March
1 April
6 May
3 June
1 July
5th August
2 September
7 October
4 November
2 December ... So every 1st Friday of the month

You can already at 19.45 clock in the evening prayer (Compline) Compline participate in the monks of the Abbey Church. Clock at 20.15, it then goes on in the Church of the Cross: The monks move in and open with a piece of Gregorian chant. The Latin is perhaps why so cool because it is quite incomprehensible, and the melodies go in any case!

Then we go to a candlelight procession into the dark vast abbey church. Singing, we move on

through the rooms of the monastery, the cloister. There we stopped and a young monk reads a story.

So from the beginning is like a pilgrimage: they walk through the medieval rooms with candles and pray. This is a good match. When all are back in the Church of the Cross, then it goes on with worship: since then, has formed a band, where to play some young monks, for example, plays a guitar, a violin. A teenager is even a composer. The songs are (mostly) exciting, some are kind of Catholic "ear worms".

Then comes a short sermon, in which you can fall asleep difficult.Sometimes you can learn something. Maybe it fires even when you make is always another priest. Often speaks Father Karl, who is sort of organizer for the event.

At the end there is a solemn blessing, often a blessing first Mass by a newly ordained priest. Then, other youth events will be announced, because it's going on in Vienna and a lot more! - Come and see!

You have the chance to meet God!

Then it gets really intense: it follows the Eucharistic adoration with the possibility of free prayer. The youth vigil is there that God give you the chance to touch you in my heart. Ehrlich: Yes, we trust God often do not realize that he exists and that he is really on my side. In the Youth Vigil he can prove to you the opposite. Jesus says yes: "Ask and ye shall receive, knock on un deuch be opened!"

Actually, God is always there! But we forget him. Somehow, God has indeed the problem is that he is invisible. But it is un-effective unicht Lich, no WORKS, he, if you let him. His "problem" is thus more YOUR problem, namely that you forget him. - Well at least the youth vigil is really a moment where you feel that God can do anything with me.

After: Agape in the youth room!

According to the Youth Vigil, there is a small snack in the youth room and a happy encounter. Since it is indeed often crowded, but cozy. Who has time, can meet new friends or talk with a nice Brother or Father of the Cistercians. SOURCE:

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