Saturday, September 10, 2011


ISIOLO, September 9, 2011 CISA REPORT –Four people were killed and livestock lost in an attack in Samburu East. They were killed as they waited to cross the flooded Ewasonyiro River.

Police have recovered some of the livestock that were stolen during the attack. In an interview with CISA Chief Inspector (CI) Fredrick Ochola, district Administration Police commander in Isiolo said that the situation has been contained.

“Overall security situation is good despite pockets of insecurity in far-flung and remote areas. Cattle rustling is the leading cause of insecurity in this district.” said CI Ochola.

“The new road has also helped. There are fewer attacks and ambushes to travellers as the road is smooth and clear,” he added

CI Ochola appealed to the Borana and the Samburu to remain calm and avoid attacks over pasture and retaliations.

Fr James Mathenge of Isiolo Vicariate said that “the government should add security personnel in the area and improve infrastructure to prevent further attacks.”

Meanwhile eight people drowned after the lorry they were travelling in was swept away by the flooded Ewasonyiro River. According to CI Ochola the dead included a Chief Inspector Mwangi, head of Administration police in Merti district and two police officers. The rest were civilians. Their bodies have not been recovered.

The road leading to Merti from Isiolo is in bad state and several bridges have been swept away.

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