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After the huge success of the award-winning choral CD "Chant - Music for Paradise," the monks of the Cistercian Abbey of the Holy Cross on Friday presented their second CD. The title "Chant - Amor et Passio" refers to the Gregorian chants of the Passion Week.

HEILIGEN KREUZ REPORT: Their first CD had received platinum in Britain and Germany, seven times platinum in Austria, including gold in Holland, Belgium, Poland, France and Switzerland and was there for weeks at the top of the Billboard charts in the U.S..

"For us, this hype was a challenge. We want to be monks and no pop-stars. With God's help, we have remained normal. Our community has not been weakened by the success, but even stronger, "said Father Karl Wallner, spokesman for the monastery. "We have rejected all invitations from major music companies for a second CD steadfast. Similarly, we have turned down all invitations to perform, although they had offered us a lot of money. "

Global interest in Gregorian chant also pinpointed Abbot Maximilian home: "The singing is prayer and spiritual mission." Therefore, in the chorales is also included so much power. Prior Simeon Wester, musical director and lecturer at the Gregorian University Holy Cross was, modestly: "We are not scientists in the choir."

CD recording in the collegiate church of the Holy Cross

APA / Herbert Pfarrhofer

CD will be marketed globally with own label

The monks have their own label "Obsculta Music" was founded. "A certain degree of self-determination is very important to us," said Father Johannes Paul Chavanne, one of the singing monks. "This CD is still much more of ourselves than inside in the first, because we organize everything themselves and carry." Additionally, Gregorian chants to the Luxembourg composer and pianist David Ianni has contributed to four hymns piano music.

Initially it was planned, "Amor et Passio" offer only in the monastery shop, a professional worldwide distribution but then you chose the Viennese tradition Preiser Records label. The proceeds from the CD sales will benefit seminarians from the Third World.

CD recording in the collegiate church of the Holy Cross

APA / Herbert Pfarrhofer

"If people wish to connect with God"

"We believe that the success of our first CD was a miracle and you can not repeat it. That's not us. Pope Benedict XVI. has encouraged us during his visit in 2007, to give testimony to the outside. That's what we want.We want people to enjoy, give strength, they connect with God, the peace and quiet, "said Wallner, who in this music a" wanted to see antidepressant "against the world and against the church crisis.

"When we sing, we are united to God. We hope that many people feel by listening to this connection with God. We have the feeling that many people are burned out and empty of meaning. Our monasteries are places of spiritual power. We want to broadcast, "said Father Karl Wallner.


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