Wednesday, April 24, 2013


NAIROBI, April 23, 2013 (CISA) -Catholics should make a habit of reading the Bible message, at personal, family and group levels, a Catholic priest has urged.
While commenting on the reading of the day about the Ethiopian Eunuch meeting with Philip (Acts 8:26-40) on April 18 at the Consolata Catholic Church, Westlands, Nairobi, Father Daniel Lorunguiya, the Assistant Parish Priest said that just as the Ethiopian Eunuch did not know what the reading was all about in Isaiah 53, but with humility he accepted Philip to explain the scripture to him-contrary  to the proud who pretend to know everything but they know nothing.
“This is where we should get our spiritual riches from; so that we can be able to not only know the Bible message, but be able to locate the same message in the Bible as the case is with others,” said Father Lorunguiya adding that we should be aware of verses in the bible lest other faiths challenge us.
He urged Catholics to ensure that they make use of the Year of Faith (2012-2013), announced by Pope Benedict XVI October last year.
“The period is such a rich ground for one’s advancement in one’s spirituality including that of the Bible-reading on family, groups and individual basis,” emphasized Father Lorunguiya.
“In the Church we follow a three year cycle of Scripture reading so a Catholic who goes to church faithfully will–over the three years–hear almost the entire Bible reading. Furthermore, the responses, and the words of the communion service are almost all from Scripture. So a church-going Catholic does know and use Scripture–it’s just that he uses it primarily for meditation and worship–not for personal information and instruction. The Jews recite the Old Testament law in their worship daily. The psalms were the hymn book of the Jews,” explained Father Lorunguiya.
In the Early Christian Communities they read the letters of the apostles, recited the psalms and used portions of Scripture to praise and worship God just as Catholics do today. We know from the records of the early church that Scripture was used primarily for worship, and only secondarily for study. We should build our spirituality at all levels, he stressed.
Formerly, Father Lorunguiya -a Consolata Missionary- served in Isiro DRC.

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