Thursday, June 12, 2014

Supermodel and Actress Leaves Everything to become a Nun - Olalla Oliveros - Share!

Model left everything to become a nun.  (Photo: Internet) A Supermodel and Actress has left everything to become a nun. (Photo: Google) Olalla Oliveros, age 36 was at the height of her career when she decided to abandon all for God. 

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After a trip to Fatima in Portugal she had an interior enlightenment. She felt a call to enter a semi-enclosed convent. "The Lord is not mistaken. God made me audition and He casted me and I could not say no " says Olalla to explain the decision. May 1 marked the four years since the sister Olalla del Yes Mary , as it is now called, entered the Order and Mandate of San Miguel Archangel, a Catholic association based in San Miguel de Oia and Madrid. With a background in theater and dance, Olalla Oliveros starred numerous commercials and participated in shows like "The Mata Family" (2007) and "Commissioner" (1999) and in "terminal phase" (2010). In December 2009 he began recording "Offside", a TV series in which he would act alongside Fernando Andina, Diana Palazón and Alex Angulo, but Telecinco canceled the project before its release. The May 1, 2010, Olalla semiclausura entered in Vilariño, Oia. Mandate and Order of St. Michael, which has the canonical status of public association of the faithful, including both secular (lay) as consecrated persons, living in community. Olalla, made private vows, as in a wedding, to obey and serve others. (With files from Faro)

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Beautiful - inside and out. Bless her.