Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Please Help Christians in Pakistan - Tortured for their Faith in Christ

Rescue Christians is a Life Saving Organization... We began in 2010, and primarily work in Pakistan. We are a rescue mission, and have a team on the ground in Pakistan. Rescue Christians helps Christians who are pursued by mobs, or are wanted by the government. We bring them out of Pakistan, usually to Sri Lanka or Thailand. But now because of the recent government prevention of Pakistani Christians in these two countries, we are now forced to search for new terrain. We have also transported others into different safe houses within Pakistan. So far we have managed to rescue around 2000 Christians from persecution.
 One of the most rememberable missions we did, was the rescue mission of Tania Rubecca. She was kidnapped by Muslims and told to convert to Islam. When she refused they sold her into sex slavery. Her captives would, almost on a daily basis, tie her to a tree, cut her body with blades, burn her flesh with cigarettes, and rape her.  It was the most horrifying case we dealt with. We rescued her and her mother out of danger and got her hospitalized, and also paid her medical bills. 
 Part of her testimony can be found here:
 Our website is 
Save a Life by Donating: 
We allow people to give however much money they want. 
Please consider Donating to this Organization and help save Christians from Danger or Death...
You can give $5, $10, $50, or more. 
All of the money goes directly to saving Christians in Pakistan.

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