Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Fr. Miguel Pajares - Missionary Priest Dies of Ebola in Spain after treating others

A Spanish priest has died in Madrid, Spain. He was flown out of Liberia, Africa 5 days ago. Father Miguel Pajares died at a Madrid Hospital after contracting Ebola in Liberia. This 75-year-old Priest was brought to Spain last week in an adapted plane.  He is the 1st Spanish patient with Ebola. Health officials had ordered an experimental drug to treat the priest and he did receive the treatment before his death. Fr. Miguel Pajares, 75, died at the Carlos III Hospital. His body will be cremated to avoid any further public health risks.
For More Information on what Ebola is and the Current Outbreak Click Link: 
Fr Parajes had worked for the San Juan de Dios hospital order, a Spain-based Catholic humanitarian group, and had been helping to treat people with Ebola in Liberia. He had worked as a missionary in Africa for nearly five decades and was due to return to Spain for good in September. The priest was brought back to Spain alongside a nun, who was also suspected of being infected with the virus. However, she tested negative for the disease. The World Health Organisation has declared it is ethical to use unproven Ebola drugs and vaccines in the current outbreak in West Africa.  The experimental drug was given to two American aid workers, Nancy Writebol and Dr Kent Brantly who were diagnosed with the disease while working at a hospital that treated Ebola patients in Liberia. They were given the drug after being airlifted back to the U.S.  Mr Writebol and two other missionaries are not showing any symptoms of the deadly virus but will be kept in isolation in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The Americans are improving, but there is no way to know whether the drug helped 

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