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#Royal #Princess Charlene of #Monaco and her Catholic Faith in the footsteps of Grace Kelly...SHARE

Charlene, Princess of Monaco, is a former Olympic swimmer for South Africa and wife of Prince Albert II (son of actress Grace Kelly). Charlene was born in the African country of Zimbabwe and is the daughter of Michael and Lynette Wittstock; the family relocated to South Africa in 1989. She was born on January 25, 1978 (age 37). Princess Charlene will travel to visit Pope Francis on Monday.  Monaco's state religion is Catholicism. According to a recent article by PEOPLE Magazine "Charlene has embraced the Catholic religion and is inspired by it," as explained by a  Monaco observer. "She is devoted to it and impressive in her fidelity."  Her faith has increased since the birth of her twins in December 2014. Prince Albert Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, at their Baptism on May 10, 2015.
 Charlene converted to the Roman Catholic Faith  "of her own free will and choice" before her July 2011 wedding. She was born and raised April of that year. "Catholicism is the state religion [in Monaco]. But for me, it represents much more. The values of this religion profoundly touch me and correspond perfectly to my spirit "In January 2013, Prince Albert took me to the Vatican to present me to Pope Benedict XVI, just as Prince Rainier did with Grace Kelly and Pius XII," she recalled, adding, "that experience was extremely intense and moving for me." These quotes by the Princess were noted in the PEOPLE Magazine article.
Princess Charlene received communion from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.  Reportedly, after her children's premature birth, her first authorized exit from the maternity ward at Princess Grace Hospital was to attend chapel mass. "I prayed, as always, for everyone," she told a Paris press agency, "but I especially thanked the Lord. I have such luck, a happy husband, two children in good shape."   Princess Charlene also helped her brother Gareth Wittstock's convert.  According to the PEOPLE article Charlene often attends mass secretly with her husband (and now with their children) at one of Monaco's Roman Catholic churches. At Notre-Dame-Immaculate Cathedral, the Princess visits private laying flowers for Prince Rainier, Albert's late father. Perhaps her faith is also inspired by that of the late mother of Prince Albert the Actress Grace Kelly who was noted to be a devout Catholic. (All Images shared from Google Images)

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