Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#BreakingNews Thousands of Muslims Converting to Christianity - SHARE

Reports have shown that thousands of migrants in Europe are converting to Christianity. Apparently, Hundreds of Pakistanis and Afghans have even lined up at a local swimming pool in Hamburg, Germany, to be baptized as Christians. Converts are filling up some European churches which have sometimes been left by their old Christian parishioners. In one Berlin community 1,200 Muslims, mainly Afghans and Iranians, converted in just three years. In Hamburg, the German ARD TV showed the Pakistanis and Afghans lining up to be baptized by a pastor, more than 600 people were received into the congregation.  One young Iranian woman convert told the German news magazine Stern, “I’ve been looking all my life for peace and happiness, but in Islam, I have not found them,” Another convert told Stern he had found in Christianity an element—love—that was missing from the faith he was brought up in. “In Islam, we always lived in fear,” he said. “Fear God, fear of sin, fear of punishment. But Christ is a God of love.”.  The Austrian Catholic church logged 300 applications for adult baptism in the first three months of 2016, with the Austrian pastoral institute estimating 70% of those converting are refugees.  Watch the Video Below of a Former Terrorist who became Christian and Please PRAY for their Perseverance and Safety...

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