Friday, July 1, 2016

#Breaking Benedict XVI says he helped "break up" the "Gay Lobby" at the Vatican in New Book

Former Pope Benedict XVI, now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has a new book of memoirs to be released in September. However, an Italian media group, Corriere has revealed some elements as they received an advanced copy of the book. In the memoirs Pope Emeritus suggests that a "gay lobby" in the Vatican tried to influence decisions. The book, is entitled "The Last Conversations." This is the first time in history that a former pope explains his own pontificate. It is due to be published on Sept. 9. Due to health reasons, Benedict XVI in 2013 was the first pope in six centuries to resign. He now lives in a former convent in the Vatican gardens. Italy's Corriere della Sera daily, acquired the Italian newspaper rights for excerpts and has access to the book. They released a summary with some quotations. The article says Benedict explained that he helped "break up this power group" of the "gay lobby" in the Vatican.  Benedict XVI made the surprise announcement to resign on Feb. 11, 2013. The lead publisher is Germany's Droemer Knaur, and it is written by Peter Seewald. Benedict also said he kept a diary throughout his papacy but will destroy it. The book involves a series of interviews, conducted a few months after Benedict’s  resignation. The book is about 240 pages in length. The original title of the book in German is titled “Letzte Gespr├Ąche.” The book also discusses  Benedict’s childhood under the Nazi regime, his vocation to the priesthood, and the difficulties of the war.  In the interview memoirs Benedict discusses his faith, his weaknesses, his private life, and the scandals and controversial issues of his reign.

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