Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tim Kaine chosen VP by Hilary Clinton - a "Catholic" who supports state-funded Abortions - OFFICIAL statement by Bishop

On Tuesday July 26, 2016, Hilary Clinton was officially nominated by the Democratic Party as the Presidential candidate for the 2016 elections. She has chosen Tim Kaine as her Vice-Presidential candidate. Timothy Michael "Tim" Kaine  was born on February 26, 1958. He is an American attorney and junior United States Senator from Virginia. He is a longe-time member of the Democratic Party. Kaine was elected to the Senate in 2012. Kaine supports state funding of Abortions and Same-sex marriage. 
He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. Kaine was elected governor of Virginia in 2005.  Kaine was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is the oldest of three sons born to Mary Kathleen (born Burns), and Albert Alexander Kaine, Jr. He was raised Catholic. Kaine's father is of Scottish and Irish descent, and his mother is of Irish descent. He worked with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras for 1 year and is fluent in Spanish. He and his wife, Anne Holton have three children: Nat (b. 1990), Woody (b. 1992), and Annella (b. 1995). Kaine and his wife have been members of the St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond, for 30 years. 
OFFICIAL Statement of the Bishop of Richmond:
Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo Statement
Regarding Catholics in Public Office

The Catholic Church makes its position very clear as it pertains to the protection of human life, social justice initiatives, and the importance of family life. From the very beginning, Catholic teaching informs us that every human life is sacred from conception until natural death. The right to life is a fundamental, human right for the unborn and any law denying the unborn the right to life is unequivocally unjust.
Legislative issues pertaining to these matters are advocated on behalf of myself and Bishop Loverde, of the Diocese of Arlington, before the Virginia General Assembly, U.S. Congress, and with state and federal agencies and administrations through the Virginia Catholic Conference, a public policy advocacy organization. Through this organization, elected officials in Virginia are aware of the Church’s positions on such important issues.
We continue to maintain an open communication with public officials who make on-going decisions impacting critical, moral and social issues. This is a responsibility I take seriously, along with my brother bishops, to reach out to public leaders to explain Catholic principles and encourage them to protect human life and dignity in all decisions they make.
We always pray for our Catholic leaders that they make the right choice, act in the best judgment and in good conscience, knowing the values and teachings of the Catholic Church.
It is the duty of all Catholics, no matter their profession, to decide through an upright and informed conscience as to their worthiness to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

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Michael Lopes said...

This article sounds like an Obituary for Tim Kaine. I respect Tim Kaine's distinction between personal belief and public service. I too believe that abortion is a sin, but I also agree that women, with their physician, have a protected right to make health decisions about their bodies. It's not up to Tim Kaine to promote or not promote abortion. That burden is the woman's.