Monday, May 29, 2017

Wow Prime Minister of Poland's Son is Ordained a Priest with the #FSSP Confraternity and will celebrate 1st Mass on Pentecost!

The son of the Polish Prime Minister was ordained a priest in May and will say at Pentecost his first traditional Mass. Mother and son, Beata Szydlo and Tymoteusz Szydlo, 24, are pictured above. Tymoteusz will offer his first mass according to the traditional rite on Sunday, June 4, the feast of Pentecost, in the church of the Holy Cross Of Krakow, entrusted to the Fraternity of St. Peter. The Missa Cantano will involve the clergy of the diocese of Bielsko-Zywiecka and he will receive the orders together with another twelve classmates, with whom he has studied six years. Beata Szydlo, 54, holds the position of Prime Minister since November 15, 2015, after the electoral victory of the Law and Justice party, of which she is vice-president. Months before had directed the electoral campaign that in August took to the presidency of the country to Andrzej Duda. The Polish Prime Minister, also communes at Mass. Beata is married and mother of two children, and is part of the cast of Catholic rulers who do not hide their faith and try to be consistent with her in public action. She is the daughter of a practicing Catholic ethnologist and economist. Like the brand-new South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, a devotee of the Rosary who, as soon as he took office, called his parish priest to bless his official residence. Shared from the Spanish Religionenlibertad

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