Friday, January 12, 2018

Wow #PopeFrancis gives over 2000 Poor People a Free Ticket to the Circus in Rome!

Pope Francis gives joy of circus to Rome’s poor
VaticanNews Report:
Pope Francis offers the joy of a night at the circus to Rome's poor through the Papal Almoner, taking the opportunity to provide the services of health care professionals to those in need. Those who live on the existential peripheries of Rome are to be treated to a special “Circus of Solidarity”, thanks to the generosity of Pope Francis.
 The Holy Father is offering a ticket for a fun-filled evening to more than 2,000 of Rome’s poor or homeless people, several refugees, a group of prisoners, and many families in great need. Report by Devin Watkins The event will take place on the evening of Thursday, 11 January at the Medrano Circus in Rome’s northern Saxa Rubra district. The Papal Almoner released a press statement on Wednesday containing details of the event. Not content with offering just an evening of fun, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski said Pope Francis’ generosity is also providing a “sack supper” and medical personnel. Those in need can be visited by doctors and nurses assisted by a mobile clinic from the Vatican’s Healthcare system. Beauty of the Circus At a recent General Audience, Pope Francis told the performers of the Medrano Circus: “Circus performers create beauty… This is good for the soul, for we greatly need beauty!” The Almoner’s statement said, “This gift given by the Circus – who with constancy, effort, and many sacrifices seek to create and offer beauty for themselves and others – will hopefully become for our poorest brothers and sisters an encouragement to overcome the bitterness and difficulties of life, which often seem insurmountable.” Circus of Solidarity The impetus behind the Circus of Solidarity is the businessman Fabrizio Grandi and the Casartelli family who has directed the Medrano Circus for seven generations. Braian Casartelli said his team “seeks to give its whole heart to transmit happiness and passion” through their performances. He said Thursday’s event would be “a marvelous evening in honor of the many people of Rome who live in difficulty.”

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