Catholic Priest is Excommunicated by Bishop after Allegedly Beating his Bishop in India

Bishop Pius Thomas D’Souza of Ajmer announced the suspension of Father Varghese Palappallil on March 10, 2021. This Catholic priest has been excommunicated after he allegedly beat up his bishop in India’s Rajasthan state. The excommunication occurred  three days after the priest allegedly attacked him in the dining room of the bishop’s house.
According to Canon Law 1370, the priest has incurred automatic suspension from all priestly ministries and from receiving sacraments in the Church because he attacked his bishop, said the bishop’s letter to Father Palappallil. Canon law indicates that a person who uses physical force against a bishop “incurs latae sententiae interdict and, if a cleric, he incurs also a latae sententiae suspension.”
In 2015 the bishop removed Fr. Palapplallil from the post of principal of a church-run school following an allegation he was in a sexual relationship with a woman. 
Since then, the bishop has not assigned him a parish or given any other responsibility in the diocese. 
This year the priest was also accused of sexually abusing a girl.
On March 7, the priest visited the bishop’s house to speak with him about getting a placement.    
Father Cosmos Shekhawat, the diocese’s vicar general, released an official statement on March 9.
“He gave a strong blow to my face near my eyes. My spectacles fell to the ground. Before I could manage to grasp the situation, he gave a blow to my neck,” said the bishop.
The priest, Fr. Palapplallil, denies that he hit the bishop but says he pushed  the bishop after he waved his knife at him at the table.
The diocese has about 50 priests, who are reportedly divided over the issue.
Edited from UCAN News and MattersIndia
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