Pope Francis Earth Day Message "...nature deserves to be protected, even if it is for the fact that human interactions with God's biodiversity..." FULL TEXT

 Video message of the Holy Father Francis on Earth Day and his Earth Day Twitter Tweet below. 

Videomessage of the Holy Father

Brothers and Sisters:

In this celebration of Earth Day, it is always good to remember things that we say to each other so that they do not fall into oblivion. For a long time we have become more aware that nature deserves to be protected, even if it is for the fact that human interactions with God's biodiversity [that God has given us] must be done with the utmost care and respect: taking care of biodiversity , take care of nature. And this in this pandemic we have learned much more. This pandemic has also shown us what happens when the world stops, pauses, even for a few months.


 And the impact that this has on nature and on climate change, in a sadly positive way, right? I mean, it hurts.

And this shows us that global nature needs our lives on this planet. It affects us all, although in multiple, diverse and unequivocal ways. And so it is. It also teaches us more about what we need to do to create a just, equitable, environmentally safe planet.

In short, the Covid pandemic has taught us this interdependence, this sharing of the planet. And both global catastrophes, Covid and the weather, show that we don't have time to wait. Time is pressing on us and, as Covid-19 has shown, we do have the means to face the challenge. We have the means. It is time to act, we are at the limit.

I would like to repeat an old saying, Spanish: "God always forgives, men forgive from time to time, nature does not forgive anymore." And when this destruction of nature is triggered, it is very difficult to stop it, but we still have time. And we will be more resilient when we work together instead of alone. The adversity that we are experiencing with the pandemic, and that we already feel it in climate change, has to drive us, it has to drive us to innovation, to invention, to seek new paths. A crisis does not come out the same, we come out better or worse. This is the challenge, and if we do not get better, we are on a path of self-destruction.

May all of you ... I also join you, in a call to all the leaders of the world: to act with courage, to act with justice and to always tell the truth to people, so that people know how to protect themselves of the destruction of the planet, how to protect the planet from the destruction that many times we trigger.

Thank you for what you do, thank you for the good intention, thank you for meeting everyone and prosperity for everyone.

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