Catholic Bishops in Bangladesh Set an Example by Reaching Out to the Poor Amid the Pandemic

by Francis Rony Tirky from Bangladesh reporting for Catholic News World:

The Corona virus, called Covid-19, has plunged the world's human race into a terrible crisis. About half a million people have already died from the virus, and the death toll continues to rise every day. Starting from the governments of all the countries, all the individuals and organizations including Catholic Bishop’s Conference Bangladesh ( C.B.C.B ) are trying their best to deal with this  unimaginable situation. The governments of all countries, including the World Health Organization, have announced special health regulations - wearing face masks, frequent hand washing, and maintaining social distance. Even after that, due to human negligence and lack of coordination, covid infection is on the rise. Our Bangladesh is no exception but the number of infections and deaths is increasing day by day. The world has been going through this terrible situation for the last two years. Although the situation in Bangladesh was somewhat better last year, the number of deaths due to the virus is on the rise due to various reasons. There are no signs of when we will return to normal life in the future. Like other countries in the world, 

But Corona's current curse is far more powerful than future blessings. Many have lost their jobs or lost their jobs. The poor and the middle class have run out of their savings, and the rich have reduced their extra spending as their incomes have dwindled. As a result, inequality between rich and poor has increased. Poor workers are unable to work due to lockdown or shutdown, so their economic situation has become critical. At the first push of the corona, however, many well-to-do people stood by the side of the poor starving people. But gradually the level of that sympathy has come down to the bottom. Relief is still being distributed at the initiative of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference Bangladesh ( C.B.C.B ); Also irregular. It is not possible to say how long the crying of the poor will last.

The corona virus has given us the opportunity to realize the need to build a humane world. The magnificence of these beautiful words ‘people for people’ or ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ was well understood during this cowardly epidemic. As we have seen during this epidemic, many self-sacrificing individuals and organizations including Catholic Bishops' Conference of Bangladesh (C.B.C.B.)   have stood by the starving people when the poor helpless families are in dire need of food. 

. Pope Francis said in his public letter, "Everyone is a brother," that "the whole world is a human family." The Pope says, "Although a multi-layered object has different dimensions in different directions, when it is seen as a large full-fledged object, it becomes a huge and complete creation from the floor or a part." In the same way, God created a “human family” of thousands of nations.

Catholic Bishop’s Conference Bangladesh ( C.B.C.B );  has been continue  apostolic and humanitarian activities , from last year  April 2020 to still continue 

in this difficult situations Catholic Bishops' Conference of Bangladesh (C.B.C.B.)had been taken a historical initiative . 

1/ online Holy Mass offering 

2/Humanitarian Support to under privilege peoples still continue 

3/ Parish visiting by Bishop own Diocese   

 4/ Home and Hospital visiting by Bishop, priests, nuns, 

5/priest ordinations including religious nuns, brothers

6/ Continue pastoral activities  

Catholic Bishops' Conference of Bangladesh (C.B.C.B.)   all members visiting every Diocese this is one of the photo visiting   Khulna Diocese.

from left in this photo

MOST REV. SHOROT FRANCIS GOMES, Bishop of Sylhet & Member of the CBCB

MOST REV. LAWRENCE SUBRATO HOWLADER,CSC Bishop of Chattogram & Treasurer of the CBCBrom left   

MOST. REV. PONEN PAUL KUBI, CSC, DD Bishop of Mymensingh & General Secretary of the CBCB 

MOST REV. BEJOY N. D'CRUZE, OMI  Archbishop of Dhaka & President of the CBCB 

H.Em. Cardinal Patrick D'Rozario, CSC

MOST REV. GERVAS ROZARIO, STD, DD  Bishop of Rajshahi & Vice Pricident of the CBCB

MOST REV. SEBASTIAN TUDU, D.D. Bishop of Dinajpur & Member of the CBCB

MOST REV. JAMES ROMEN BOIRAGI, DD Bishop of Khulna & Member of the CBCB

Humanitarian activities still continue done by Catholic Bishops' Conference of Bangladesh (C.B.C.B.)   

Pastoral activities in different parishes  

priest ordinations including religious nuns, brothers

Funeral Mass and graveyard blessing