Bishops of Bolivia Conclude Assembly and Reiterate the Call for Equitable Justice for All

Assembly of Bishops: Concern about the current situation in the country expressed in the Message to the People of God
 CEB Press Release: 
29 April,2022 -  Sarah Vargas Callejas

The CX Assembly of Bishops of Bolivia closed its sessions today, Friday, announcing the letter that summarizes the 4 intense days of work. Through Message to the People of God. Mons. Giovani Arana was in charge of reading said document, touching on several issues of the current situation in the country.

With the participation of the leadership of the General Secretariat of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB), whose President is Bishop Aurelio Pesoa Ribera; Bishop Ricardo Centellas, Vice President and Bishop Giovani Arana, read the Message to the People of God. Under the subtitle, "Together with the Risen One, Messengers of Peace", the document reflects on the levels of government so that they deepen their fundamental role of promoting the common good through listening, dialogue and agreements with all sectors that help to overcome the tensions and problems that are being faced, proposing practical and fair solutions for all. “. Pope Francis invites those who hold political office to reflect that the question at the end of his life should not be: “How many approved of me? how many voted for me; How many had a positive image of me? But rather: “How much love did I put into my work; how did I advance the people; what mark did I leave in the life of society; what bonds of peace I built; what positive forces I unleashed; or how much social peace did I sow?». (Fratelli Tutti 197), argued Bishop Arana.

Rebuilding a climate of peace

For the Church, an important sector for society are the entrepreneurs, large and small producers responsible for economic development, in addition, Arana said, "We recognize their important role in creating jobs, a task that must have as its maximum value the person, the common good and respect for creation; the good that God has arranged to be shared among all as brothers”. For the church, the family is a fundamental certificate of society, “To you, Bolivian families, we express our solidarity and empathy for the difficulties you have experienced and continue to suffer. We encourage you to stay united and under the provident gaze of God, to get out of this situation, rebuilding a climate of peace, serenity, harmony and well-being, "he said.

Recognition of the work of medical staff and teachers

The bishops recognized the work of public servants, medical-health personnel and teachers in this pandemic, “we express our appreciation and gratitude for their extraordinary service during this situation and for their testimony of serving with love. We encourage you to continue with your generous, hard-working and creative work for the good of all, particularly the poorest and most needy”, he reconsidered. In these days of Assembly, he said, they reflected on the Lay Ministries of Catechist, Lectorate and Acolyte instituted by the Holy Father and “in particular, on the presence of women in these services of the Church. This initiative will bring a renewed spirit and enthusiasm in the journey of our ecclesial communities”.

May 1st. Work together for Bolivia

Recalling the celebration of May 1, the Assembly of Bishops greeted all the workers and invited them to continue participating in God's creative work following the example of Saint Joseph the worker. "With these words we want to express our closeness to all of you, Bolivian brothers, and we encourage you to join efforts to work together for a united Bolivia from our multiple cultural and historical riches," said the Secretary General.

Bishops reiterate the call for equitable justice for all 

by Michaela Diaz 
After making known the Message to the People of God, this April 29, from the "Cardenal Maurer" House in Cochabamba, the Bishops of Bolivia gathered in their CX Plenary Assembly, reiterated the call to the actors those in charge of justice in Bolivia, so that it is equitable for all "not just for some". Mons. Aurelio Pesoa, President of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference, on behalf of his brother Bishops, said that the Catholic Church, the Episcopal Conference has made calls for "justice to work in the country." 
 He recalled that people have died "and I think we know the last one well," he said, referring to Aramayo. The Bishop pointed out that this is an issue that should not only concern the Catholic Church but all Bolivians, "although it is true that now it does not touch me or any family member, that should not be the norm," he said. “We should all feel sure that there is equitable justice and hopefully justice is for everyone, not just for a few”, remarked the President of the CEB, “we are concerned about the injustice that is being experienced in the country”, he added.
 The Census, insecurity, and smuggling are issues that concern the Bishops.
by  Sarah Vargas Callejas
CEB Press 04.29.2022.- In the round of questions after the presentation of the Message to the People of God, the Catholic Church expressed its concern with the issue of the Census, insecurity and smuggling, this in the framework of the conclusions to which the that was reached in four days of intense work that the CX Assembly of Bishops of Bolivia had.
 On the first point, Monsignor Aurelio Pesoa, President of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB), stated that a letter was sent to the National Institute of Statistics INE where he suggested incorporating the question related to religious belief, also stating that there is no reasons to skip this question.
“It is true that we hear that Bolivia is a secular country, we are happy about that, we are not wanting to change the system that the country is secular. What we do not agree with is against those positions that on some occasions are emerging with a secular country, such as a secularist one. I believe that we live in a secular country because all beliefs and manifestations of FAITH are respected, secularism would not allow that, we are against that”, said the President of the CEB.
“We cannot build a country of fearful people”
On the issue of state security, Pesoa indicated that there are institutions called by law and that they must fulfill their function, "I believe that as Bolivians we have the right for these entities to truly fulfill their function because we cannot live in a country with fear, we cannot build a country of fearful people”.
“Smuggling does not contribute to development”
Smuggling is not good for medium-sized and small-scale businessmen, said Pesoa, and that mainly it does not contribute to the development of a country, "this must have some reason and that reason has to be stopped by the authorities called doing this mission," pointed out.
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