VIDEO Pope Francis' Health Improves as He Tells Bishops of Brazil that He has Been Walking for 3 Days

Pope Francis met with a second delegation of bishops from Brazil during their ad limina visit to Rome

The Pope explained, "I have been able to walk for three days now."  


On this occasion, they wished him many years of life with a song similar to "happy birthday."

The bishops of Brazil also reported on the systematic violations of human rights in the Amazon. 

According to Dom Bernardo Bahlmann, Bishop of Óbidos (PA), president of the North Region, “the Pope welcomed us with an open heart, very fraternal. And during the meeting, which lasted three hours, we really felt the affection and concern he has for the Amazon”.

Bishop Bernardo reported a family atmosphere, sharing ideas, experiences and situations, in which various aspects of the Church's life in the Amazon were touched. “We can say that he has the Amazon at heart.”

The Pontiff cited the “Hospital Boat Pope Francis” as an example of evangelization, as it is the proclamation of Jesus Christ. Finally, an incentive for the Church to be increasingly inculturated in the Amazon, recognizing the preciousness of the local culture.

Archbishop Evaristo:

“We had to report to the Pope the increasingly systematic attacks of destruction that the Amazon, its peoples, territories and leaderships have been suffering. The Amazon territory bleeds and dies before our eyes: invasions of indigenous, quilombola and riverine territories by mining companies, farmers, cattle ranchers, loggers and agribusiness.”

The recent meeting in Santarém was cited, in which the bishops realized that the Amazon had reached its limit. "She can't stand so much violence anymore." Therefore, they ask for a truce for the Amazon, to stop the invasions and stop killing the Indians and the leaders who defend them.

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