Can you have a holy family? #Family #Holiness

What must it have taken to be the mother and foster father of the Son of God? The Bible tells us that Joseph was a righteous man (cf. Mt 1:19), so that must be an important character trait; and Mary is said to be full of grace (cf. Lk 1:28) which the Church declared as the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. These were people chosen specifically for the purpose of being holy, for they were asked to take on the tremendous task of allowing the Incarnation to occur through them.  In addition, they were given the responsibility of protecting the Child so that He might do the Father’s will and reconcile man to God, restoring that once lost relationship.

The example of the Holy Family makes becoming one seem unattainable. However, we know this cannot be so. God reveals what is true and good so that we might have hope and a way to follow. If it weren’t possible to be a holy family, He would not have gone to such lengths to make one present, to bring His Son to us in such a way for our salvation. The message is clear – it may be difficult – but it is clear. We are meant to emulate this family, and do the best we can to be holy, as our heavenly Father is holy, as His Son is holy. This is only possible if we take time to develop a relationship with this special family, to ask their intercession for our own families, and beg the Holy Spirit to dwell with us constantly as we strive for holiness.

What are some secrets to having a holy family:
  • ·         Keep your family Christ-centered
  • ·         Pray as a family/spend time in Adoration as a family
  • ·         Make prayer a priority
  •        When troubles arise, forgive
  • ·         Never downplay your faith or its essential role in the life of the family

“Do not be afraid,” the angel told Mary and Joseph (Lk 1:30; Mt 1:20). Ultimately,
with like confidence, especially in the current climate of our society and its bitter attack on the family, it is imperative that we remain unafraid and follow the way of the Holy Family.

Yes, you too can have a holy family! By : Kathy Vestermark - Professor at CDU