Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Senate in France stipulates Notre Dame Cathedral to be Restored Exactly as it was before the Fire

The Senate in France has stipulated that Notre-Dame cathedral must be restored exactly how it was before the devastating fire that damaged the Church.
On Monday, May 27,2019, the French Senate approved the government's Notre-Dame restoration bill. However, a clause that it must be restored to the state it was before the blaze. The government  had launched an international architecture competition to consider different ideas on restoration.

The cathedral was left badly damaged after fire tore through the roof and destroyed the spire on April 15. Traditionalists want an exact restoration and others are favour a more modern approach were in debate.

The Senate has now approved the restoration bill already passed by the French parliament to allow work on the structure to be completed in time for the Paris Olympics in 2024 - but requires that the restoration be faithful to the “last known visual state” of the cathedral.
 French president Emmanuel Macron called for “an inventive reconstruction”, while Paris' Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo favors an identical restoration and called herself “conservative” on the subject.

On Twitter Anne Hidalgo wrote:
 La cathédrale #NotreDame est une œuvre qui appartient à tous les Parisiens, à tous les Français et au monde entier. Je suis favorable à une restauration à l’identique, fondée sur les savoir-faire ancestraux des compagnons du devoir et du tour de France. …

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