Saints of November - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of November - Inspirational Saint Stories to SHARE!

Here is a list of inspiring Saint stories for the month of November, which is dedicated to the faithfully departed. Click each link to find out more about these Holy heroes of the Faith!

Saint November 1 : All Saints Day - a Solemnity Remembering All Those Who Are in Heaven!

Saint November 2 : All Souls' Day - Remembering all the Faithfully Departed -

Saint November 4 : St. Charles Borromeo the Patron of Catechists, Catechumens, Seminarians

Saint November 5 : St. Zechariah and St. Elizabeth - the Parents of St. John the Baptist cousin of Jesus

Saint November 5 : Blessed Solanus Casey - a Franciscan #Capuchin Priest of Detroit who was not allowed to preach at Mass

Saint November 6 : St. Leonard the Patron of Political prisoners, Prisoners, Women in Labor, and Horses

Saint November 8 : Four Crowned Martyrs : Romans condemned to death as Christians

Saint November 11 : St. Martin of Tours, Former Soldier who Became a Bishop and the Patron of the Poor, Alcoholics, Beggars and Wine makers

Feast November 18 : Dedication of the Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul

Saint November 20 : St. Edmund the Martyr - a King of England and Patron against Plague, Kings, Torture Victims, Wolves

Saint November 22 : St. Cecilia a Martyr who Died in 117 AD and the Patron of Church Musicians whose Body was found Incorrupt

Saint November 24 - St. Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions Martyred in Vietnam - A Convert who became a Catechist and Priest