December Saints - List of Saint Feast Days for the Month of December - Inspirational Saint Stories to SHARE!

December Saints - A List of Saints for the month of December - which is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. Click each link to find out more about these Holy heroes of the Faith!

Saint December 1 : Saintly Charles de Foucauld who Converted from a Selfish Life to the Life of a Hermit in the Desert

Saint December 1 : St. Edmund Campion an English Jesuit Martyr who went Barefoot as a Pilgrim to Rome

Saint December 2 : St. Bibiana the Patron of Hangovers, Headaches, Mental illness, Torture Victims - With Prayer

Saint December 3 : St. Francis Xavier a Jesuit Priest Missionary and Patron of Missionaries; Precious Blood; Navigators; Missions; Plague

Saint December 4 : St. John Damascene a Doctor of the Church

Saint of December 4 : St. Barbara who was Shut in a Tower by her Father and the Patron of #Mathematicians, Miners, Military #Engineers, #Lightning, Sudden Death

Saint December 5 : St. Sabbas who Entered a Monastery at Age 8 and became a Hermit - a Founder of Eastern Monasticism

Saint December 5 : Blessed Niels Stensen, a Convert who was a Famous Scientist and Became a Bishop Devoted to the Eucharist

Saint December 7 : St. Ambrose Bishop and Doctor of the Church who Baptized St. Augustine and the Patron of Candle makers, Pets, Students

Saint December 9 : St. Juan Diego the Witness of the Miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico

Saint December 10 : Our Lady of Loreto - Remembering the Home of Mary's Birth and where the Incarnation occurred

Saint December 11 : St. Eulalia of MĂ©rida a Virgin and Martyr of Spain - Legend says a Dove Flew out of her Mouth as she Died

Saint December 12 : Our Lady of Guadalupe the Patroness of Americas and Unborn - : #Guadalupe Miracle Image which appeared on a Tilma

Saint December 13 : St. Lucy : Patron of Blind; Martyrs; Epidemics; Salesmen, Throat infections

Saint December 15 : St. Mary di Rosa the Foundress of the Handmaids of Charity who Ministered to Wounded on Battlefields

Saint December 18 : St. Winebald a Benedictine Abbot and Missionary who Died in 761

Saint December 19 : Blessed Urban V : Pope who Died in 1370 in Avignon, France

Saint December 21 : Saint Peter Canisius, a Jesuit and the Patron of Catholic Press and Germany - #Deutschland

Saint December 23 : St. John of Kanty of Poland who Distributed to the Poor all the Money and Clothes he had, Retaining only what was Absolutely Necessary