Pope Francis Reveals that he will have an Operation on his Knee which has Prevented him from Walking

Pope Francis has been forced to remain seated after his doctor ordered him not to walk. Pope Francis has been suffering from an inflamed ligament in his right knee, causing acute pain when he walks. 
For over one month, he has had to cancel meetings and spend more time seated during public audiences or Masses. 
The Holy See Press Office said, “Due to pain in his knee, and on medical advice, Pope Francis has interrupted the activities planned for today, including participation in the Council of Cardinals, a new session of which is underway these days,” on April 26. 
Pope Francis now at 85 years old and is experiencing great pain in his right knee.
“I have a torn ligament; I will have an operation with infiltrations and we will see... I've been like this for a long time; I can't walk. There was a time when popes used to go with the gestatorial chair. It requires a little humiliation.” This is how Pope Francis justified the fact that he could not get up to greet Luciano Fontana and the deputy director Fiorenza Sarzanini of the Corriere della Sera, whom he received at the Casa Santa Marta for an interview that the newspaper published on Tuesday.
On April 30th, in an audience with a group from Slovakia, the Pope explained:
"And then I will greet you, but there is a problem: this leg isn’t right, it doesn't work, and the doctor has told me not to walk. I like to ... but this time I must obey the doctor! That's why I am going to ask you to make the sacrifice of climbing the stairs, and I will say goodbye to you from here. It is a humiliation, but I offer it for your country. Thank you!"