Three People Killed after a Sunday Attack on a Christian Church Service in Nigeria

An attack on a church in Nigeria, on October 16th, resulted in the killing of three people. Gunmen shot at believers at a Christian mission church in Kogi state Abuja. At least two people were killed in an attack by gunmen on a church in Nigeria. According to the local security authorities, several perpetrators broke into a church of the Christian missionary church "Celestial Church" in the Lokoja region in the state of Kogi on Sunday evening and opened fire on believers gathered there. A woman and her young daughter were killed and three others injured, a police spokesman said, according to Nigerian media. 
 According to the AP news agency, at least seven attacks on churches or mosques have been carried out in Nigeria since the beginning of the year. In June, dozens of people were murdered in the Catholic Francis Church in the city of Owo in a massacre allegedly motivated by Islamism on Whit Sunday.
Image Screenshot from a typical Celestial Church service from their Twitter: