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Catholic monks have been brewing beer for over 1,500 years.The Monks of Norcia at the monastery of St. Benedict have a 13th century cloister built over St. Benedict’s birthplace in the Italian city of Norcia, near Rome. The monastery was reopened in Great Jubilee Year of 2000. They follow their founder’s rule of Ora et Labora (Prayer and Work). In 2012 the monks of Norcia began brewing their own line of beer.  12 of the 18 monks who now live in St. Benedict’s monastery come from the United States. Thus they also ship bottles of their beers to North America.  The in the sixth century, Benedict of Norcia, the patron of Europe and founder of Western monasticism, wrote a guide for monastic life called “The Rule of St. Benedict.” This book of seventy-three chapters explain how to run a monastery.  In medieval times beer was safer to drink than water contaminated by sewage. Known as “liquid bread,” beer also helped the monks through periods of fasting. Fr. Benedict Nivakoff, from Connecticut, the director of the brewery, says there is a supernatural” part to their work. “People see that for us it’s not just a job,” he said. “Our job is to do something which, by the standards of the secular world, is pretty useless: to pray.” “There’s a comparison with beer, because in a sense, [beer] is useless, it’s not something that you have to have to survive,” he said. “But it’s something you can enjoy and it makes life better, like God.” It’s designed to fulfill a two-fold goal of self-sufficiency and evangelization, because, Davoren said, beer-making is a great ice-breaker, and conversation often moves from ale to faith. They make more than 13,000 gallons of beer per year which is brewed during days which begin at 4 a.m.. “We’re seeking God above all,” Davoren added. “The focus of our day is God. We work to support ourselves, but also for the glory of God: The beer helps support the monastery, so that the monastery can support his work in the world.”
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