Thursday, April 18, 2019

Philippine Archbishop Jose Palma tells Faithful to Pray and go to Confession instead of getting Crucified

A common practice in the Philippines on Good Friday is for the faithful to undergo crucifixion. This involves nailing of a penitent to a wooden cross. This practice has never been supported by the Church. In fact, the Archbishop asks people instead for prayers and confession and not crucifixions and floggings.
Abp. Jose Serofia Palma also suggested to the faithful: "Go on vacation after Holy Week". In several regions, Good Friday is celebrated with real life "reproductions" of the Calvary of Christ.
No nails, but prayers and confession: on the occasion of Holy Week, the Archbishop of Cebu asks Catholics to pursue "spiritual renewal by avoiding extreme penitential practices, such as crucifixion or flogging".

In a statement Msgr. Jose Serofia Palma also invites the faithful to reflect and participate in religious activities during Holy Week and not go on vacation. 
"This period - he says - is the best time to renew one’s relationship with God and reflect on the sacrifice and love of the Lord. There are 52 weeks in a year, and only one week when we are called to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord".

“The Holy Week is supposed to be the most somber period of the liturgical calendar leading up to the joy of Easter Sunday. If If you intend to go on vacation, please do it after the Holy Week. I invite you to instead take part in various Church activities to further appreciate God’s love, "explained the prelate.

In several regions of the Philippines, Good Friday is celebrated by groups of faithful who organize real "reproductions" of the Calvary of Christ. From the scourging to the crucifixion, it is all real: to interpret Christ, different faithful pay out considerable amounts to the organizers of the various events, which have never received the support of the local Church. Edited from Asia News IT

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