Monday, April 29, 2019

Secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict, Archbishop Gänswein Ordains Priests at Monastery in Austria - Video

Archbishop Gänswein ordains priests in Heiligenkreuz Abbey:
In a visit to the Cistercian Monastery of Heiligenkreuz: Curia Archbishop Georg Gänswein ordained four candidates on Saturday afternoon - Fr. Isaak Käfferlein, Fr. Georg Winter, Fr. Aelred Davies from Heiligenkreuz Monastery and Mr. Fabian Eibl from the parish parish house in Paring, Germany St. Michael - in the abbey church. The four had already been consecrated to deacons last August. With currently 314 students, the Hochschule Heiligenkreuz is one of the largest priests' training centers in Europe.

In his sermon, Gänswein compared the priestly ministry with that of a sailor on a lighthouse capable of positively influencing people's course and protecting them from danger. At the same time, the private secretary of the emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. warned the consecration candidates, not to succumb to the temptation to proclaim "self-driven theories" instead of the Gospel: "If priests and bishops no longer have the courage to preach the gospel, but their own wisdom, there is evil and headlines - and haven't we had more than enough of this in the recent times? " asked Gänswein. And he warned, "Whoever wants to invent a new church, who wants to mess around with its DNA, is on the wrong track and abuses his spiritual authority".

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI received support from the abbey of Heiligenkreuz for his recent publication about abuse in the Church: This was emphasized by Abbot Maximilian Heim and the rector of the Benedict XVI Philosophical Theological College named after the emeritus Pope. Heiligenkreuz, P. Wolfgang Buchmüller, in a congratulatory letter to Benedict, published on the website of the convent, that they were "full of admiration for your accurate timely analysis" on the subject of abuse and that Benedict's statements "lead the way out of the crisis". "We only hope that these words will be heard".
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