#BreakingNews 8,000 people at March for Life in Berlin, Germany with many Youth and Bishops - Protesters blocking were Removed by Police

8,000 participants took part in the March for Life in Berlin - Radicals blocked the march and the police were forced to remove them.  Pope Francis sent a message to encourage the marchers.

There was a symposium of the Federal Association for the Rights of Life on Friday, to which the chairman Alexandra Maria Linder welcomed around a hundred guests. Prof. Dr. Manfred Spieker spoke about the delicate issue of having children and reproductive medicine.

Gradually, the more than 8,000 participants gathered in the Platz der Republik in front of the Reichstag in Berlin. Alexandra Maria Linder welcomed the participants. Bishop Stefan Oster, Karin Meincke, Leontine Bakermans, Antje Humpert, Maria Grundberger spoke at the rally. Hubert Hüppe and Alexandra Maria Linder submitted five demands to the politicians.

The silent march passed through the city center of Berlin. A small group of radicals were able to penetrate the march and block it. The police had to carry the blockers after several reminders from the street.

 Some of the radical women bared their breasts in protest of the March.

The closing service was given by Bishop Hans Jörg Voigt from SELK and Auxiliary Bishop Florian Wörner. Auxiliary Bishop Wörner preached about the healing of the blind man and how people have to open their eyes in our day.

After a blessing , Alexandra invited the crowd to the next march for life and asked everyone to bring somebody new next year so that we would be 16,000.


Nathan said…
I am an American. On the one hand it is encouraging to see Germans taking to the streets in defense of their own preborn children. On the other hand I really hope they don't mimic the failed American pro-life movement, which is passive and conciliatory to the point of weakness. The slogans and style used in this march look very much like the US March for Life, truly the greatest annual waste of time and energy ever. Far better to host small marches in every little town in Germany, rather than a large one that will be ignored by the press, followed by ... nothing for the rest of the year.
Anonymous said…
you don't protest for the life of the rights of the unborn child in order to be noticed by the press because that will never happen. you protest to change hearts and minds.